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Announcing a new spatial conference for [email protected] (14 November 2008)

[email protected] Conference
'location as an enabler for government business'

The important role that spatial capabilities play in government business is being increasingly recognised. The [email protected] Conference will provide a much needed exploration of how spatial resources enhance the business of government across federal, state and territory and local governments. This conference will focus how 'place' or 'location' can be leveraged as a powerful enabler to support policy development and evaluation, service delivery and internal business processes.

Taking place on the 15 & 16 June 2009 in Canberra, the program will be packed with speakers and discussions on government spatial activities in the areas of national priority including social inclusion, climate change and local government. It will explore future directions of spatial technologies and promote public/private partnerships in the development of spatial capabilities to benefit Australia's social, economic and environmental well being.

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