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Current News > 17 July 2003: Draft ANZLIC Privacy Guidelines RELEASED FOR PUBLIC COMMENT

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17 July 2003: Draft ANZLIC Privacy Guidelines RELEASED FOR PUBLIC COMMENT (17 July 2003)

ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council has identified a need for a set of guidelines that address privacy issues relating to the use of spatial information. ANZLIC is the peak intergovernmental organisation providing leadership in the collection, management and use of spatial information in Australia and New Zealand.

Governments have been formulating and implementing privacy legislation to protect the interests of individuals. It has become increasingly apparent that consideration also be given to issues where personal information is associated with spatial information.

On 25 November 2002, ANZLIC held a Privacy Workshop to consider privacy matters as they relate to spatial information. People with public sector interests in spatial information from the Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments of Australia and the New Zealand Government attended the workshop. A discussion paper and best practice guidelines on privacy issues were produced as an outcome of the workshop. It is intended that these guidelines complement, and in no way detract from the need to conform to existing privacy legislation or directives within each jurisdiction.

They are directed at informing spatial information managers in the public sector about privacy issues.


(i) Spatial Information - privacy issues (discussion paper: v1.1 - July 2003)

(ii) ANZLIC Spatial Informaiton Privacy Best Practice Guideline (draft: v1.1 - July 2003)

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