Brand DNA Workshop for the Australian Spatial Information Industry
Report on the outcomes of a Spatial Information Industry Branding Workshop held in Sydney on 5 & 6 May 2003.

The Australian Spatial Information Industry Joint Steering Committee (JSC), represented by ANZLIC the Spatial Information Council, the Australian Spatial Information Business Association (ASIBA), the Spatial Sciences Coalition (SSC) and the Commonwealth Department of Industry Tourism and Resources (DITR), has acknowledged the need for a whole-of-industry identity.

The Spatial Information Industry Action Agenda Positioning for Growth, which the JSC is responsible for oversight, focuses on the future direction and growth of the spatial information industry in Australia. It goes part way to identifying the components that make up the industry and provides a useful starting point to enable us define a recognisable and universal identity for the industry.

To be able to promote the industry we first need to know what the spatial information industry stands for and how the industry presents itself not only to the spatial community but the broader community. Allsorts Habit Creation, a creative consultancy operating in Australia and internationally, has been chosen to help define the essence of the Spatial Information Industry.
Wayne Lotherington & Bob Irwin
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