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Spatial metadata

Spatial Metadata is information that describes spatial datasets. This provides a consistent approach to allow the storage and retrieval of information about a particular dataset. An analogy may be the labeling of food on supermarket shelves or historical information about a motor vehicle in a second-hand car yard.

Metadata can be accessed using database and internet technologies that automate search and retrieval capabilities. This is done through the ASDD.

what is ANZLIC doing?

ANZLIC has historically delivered metadata standards and profiles based on international best practice. One of the standards that the ISO Technical Committee for Geographic information/Geomatics (ISO/TC 211) is working on is a standard on metadata known as ISO 19115 (the International Standard for Metadata). This International Standard is currently being published. There has been extensive input by Australia during its development, particularly from interests associated with ANZLIC, and as a result, ISO 19115 incorporates several ANZLIC core metadata elements.

Similar metadata standards for the description of geographic data, such as ANZLIC's Metadata Guidelines, are currently in use around the world. Until the development of ISO 19115, there had been no unifying set of metadata elements that could be used as the basis for the development of national metadata standards.

The development of the ANZLIC Profile for ISO 19115 is currently on hold until the Digital Geographic Information Working Group Metadata Working Party reports its findings and example XML schemas for Work Item ISO/AWI 19139 (Geographic information – Metadata – Implementation specification). ANZLIC has based this decision on advice received from the United States' Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), the Australian representative on ISO Technical Committee for Geographic Information/Geomatics (ISO TC211), and some jurisdictional responses to the initial draft of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile released in 2002.

ANZLIC works closely with Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand (sponsoring Australian participation at international ISO/TC211 meetings), and with the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping (ICSM) and PSMA Australia Limited to raise the awareness and uptake of geospatial standards.

ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines

ANZLIC has developed a metadata standard which sets out minimum requirements for metadata to be included in the ASDD. The ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines (v2 – February 2001) is designed for use by data custodians to assist them create, store and distribute core metadata elements and have been widely adopted. The document includes introductory information on metadata, its use and its management. References include sources of more detailed information that users may require as they become more experienced with metadata and its use as an aid to data management within their own agencies.

ANZLIC plans to ensure that they comply with international metadata standard ISO 19115—which has recently been registered for final approval as a Final Draft International Standard (ISO/FDIS 19115)—and is expected to be formalised in mid-2003.

Geographic Extent Name (GEN) Register

The GEN Register is an online resource that contains the geographic extents of thousands of geographic objects. These objects range from maps sheets, navigational charts, oceans and rivers, through to States, Territories and Local Government Areas.

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ANZLIC Metadata Entry Tool

The Metadata Entry Tool (MET) is a freeware application, developed by ANZLIC, to facilitate the collection of consistent descriptions of core metadata elements for publishing on the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD).

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