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ANZLIC Metadata Project


The ANZLIC Metadata Project was a collaborative initiative between Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions. The aim of the project was to develop a single Geographic Metadata Profile for Australia and New Zealand, known as the ANZLIC Metadata Profile. This profile is based on the International Standards for Metadata - ISO 19115 and ISO/TS 19139. A suite of complementary products, such as Guidelines and a Metadata Entry Tool, have been developed to facilitate the creation of , or progression to, metadata records consistent with this new Profile.

ANZLIC advocates the use of International Standards and encourages the adoption of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile. Success depends upon the widespread adoption of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile which is considered essential to support the discovery of spatial data sets and resources, as well as supporting web-based application and services.

More information about the project. ..

metadata resources

    • ANZLIC Metadata Profile Version 1.1 Endorsed by the ANZLIC Council in August 2007. Download Profile [PDF, 394kb].
    • ANZLIC Metadata Profile Guidelines Version 1.0 The Guidelines are provided to facilitate the use and adoption of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile.View [HTML] or download [PDF, 5.6Mb] Guidelines.
    • Metadata Entry Tool Version 1.01 This metadata entry tool has been developed for the Australian and New Zealand communities by ANZLIC the Spatial Information Council. ANZMet Lite is one component in a suite of tools required to underpin any spatial data infrastructure. Download application.
    • Related XML tools A number of complementary resources are available on the ASDD web site to assist users to prove compliance to ISO 19115 and the ANZLIC Metadata Profile. Such resources include a transformation utility to translate existing valid ANZLIC Version 2 XML metadata to the ANZLIC Metadata Profile XML, XSD's and Schematron to validate XML metadata records to ensure compliance with the ANZLIC Metadata Profile, ANZLIC code lists for the search words and Geographic Extent Names, and examples of XML metadata records. These resources are available from the ANZLIC Metadata Profile Related Information web page.

While every effort has been made to ensure this code is error free there is no guarantee that the content of these files is correct. Please report any errors by email to ANZLIC at .

important note to end users

As further development of these products is likely due to reviews and user feedback, it is important that you monitor this web site for any updates.

ANZLIC welcomes any feedback on the ANZLIC Metadata Profile Version 1.1 and its associated products (inc. XML code, the ANZLIC Metadata Profile User Guidelines and the Metadata Entry Tool) to ensure that the necessary improvements and modifications can be made.

Please direct all feedback or questions regarding these products to [email protected].