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Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping

The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping (ICSM) became a Standing Committee of ANZLIC in 2003 in recognition of the close links between development of national spatial data management policies by ANZLIC and the implementation of these policies by ICSM in areas such as surveying, mapping, geographic names and charting. This arrangement further strengthens the relationship between ANZLIC and ICSM and enables coordinated focus on national priorities and alignment of work programs.

ICSM's role is to provide leadership, coordination and standards for surveying, mapping and charting; and facilitate the assemblage and maintenance of national framework datasets. Its membership comprises senior representatives responsible for survey and mapping from all the Australian States and Territories, and the Australian and New Zealand Governments.

Within ICSM permanent committees and temporary working groups carry out projects and research for, and provide advice to ICSM in their special fields of expertise, including:

  • Cadastral Reform (PCCR);
  • Tides and Mean Sea Level (PCTMSL);
  • Topographic Information (PCTI);
  • Geographical Names in Australasia (CGNA);
  • Geodesy (GTSC);
  • Data Framework (DFTSC);
  • Geocentric Datum of Australia Implementation (GDA/WG);
  • eLodgment and Transfer of Cadastral Information (ePlan);
  • Street Addressing (SAWG);
  • Tidal Interface (TIWG);
  • Native Title (NTWG), and
  • Topographic Databases (SIG-TD)

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Chair:   Mr Paul Harcombe
Executive Officer:   Ms Susie Salisbury
Online:   ICSM Web Site