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other references: glossaries & dictionaries

There are a number of existing online glossaries or dictionaries containing relevant terms about geographic information and associated technologies. The following list is provided as a guide to other resources and is not meant to be exhaustive.


Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW Glossary
Community Access to Natural Resource Information (CANRI) Glossary
The Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) Glossary
Australian Government Office of Spatial Data Management (OSDM) Glossary
GI Connections, Victoria Glossary
WA Department of Land Administration (DOLA)—a glossary of land terms

United Kingdom

The AGI online GIS Dictionary—compiled by the University of Edinburgh Department of Geography and The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) online GIS Dictionary (follow the links to GI resources > GIS Dictionary)


Department of Geography, University of British Columbia GIS Glossary

United States

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Glossary
University of Minnesota Geographic Information Systems—A Glossary