Foundation Spatial Data Framework

The Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) provides a common reference for the assembly and maintenance of Australian and New Zealand foundation level spatial data in order to serve the widest possible variety of users. It will deliver a national coverage of the best available, most current, authoritative source of foundation spatial data which is standardised and quality controlled. The FSDF is an ANZLIC sponsored initiative.


FSDF Administrative Boundaries Theme


FSDF Positioning Theme


FSDF Place Names Theme


FSDF Land Parcel and Property Theme


FSDF Imagery


FSDF Transport Theme


FSDF Water Theme


FSDF Elevation and Depth


FSDF Landcover


Click on any theme to learn more and find links to spatial data. Read more about the FSDF in the Booklet  - pdf (2.3 MB)

New Zealand actively participates in the initiatives arising from the ANZLIC Strategic Plan, including the FSDF. New Zealand is committed to the conceptual and logical model of the FSDF but has its own program for implementing the themes at the dataset level.

New Zealand fundamental geospatial datasets and theme v2.0 (pdf 4Mb)

Spatial data themes group data with similar characteristics in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information management processes. Some data may naturally fit within more than one theme, for example a road is both transport infrastructure and also used to delineate some administrative boundaries. This situation is resolved within the logic of the theme structure.

ANZLIC recognises that the framework of ten themes may expand over time to meet increased demand from the user community and as data suppliers improve their technical capacity to deliver a wider range of spatial products and services.