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The use of maps to organise and present tourism information is becoming very popular on the Internet. Following are three examples.

example 1: Pty Limited

Where? Australia
Description Travelmate offers travel information including maps of routes, tourist attractions, accommodation, and booking services. The MapMaker generates personalised maps of trip routes and town maps.
Spatial outputs Caltex or Ampol petrol station locations and updated fuel prices; trip route maps and driving directions with estimated times; and maps of accommodation, tourist attractions, and car hire.

example 2: wedding

Where? Global destinations for a United States market
Description Search for a wedding location or place to have a honeymoon.
Spatial outputs Information on the venue by location and an online form to request more detailed information on wedding packages.

example 3: Manhattan Island

Where? Manhattan Island, New York, USA
Description An interactive map that shows locations of ferry terminals, hospitals, points of interest and hotels.
Spatial outputs Printable customised street maps of Manhattan Island.