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natural resource management

example 1: Australian Natural Resources Atlas

Where? Australia
Description Provides a broad scale view of the location and status of national land, water and biodiversity resources.
Spatial outputs The application uses maps and “story boards” to get its message across.

example 2: Western Australian Atlas

Where? Australia
Description Contains a number of themes shown as maps covering around one third of Australia.
Spatial outputs Provide metadata records compliant with the ANZLIC metadata standard and utilise Web Map Server (WMS) specifications developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

example 3: Natural Resources Information Management Toolkit

Where? Australia
Description ANZLIC and the National Land & Water Resources Audit have produced the Toolkit to promote an integrated information management solution to assist natural resource managers at national, State/Territory and regional levels to obtain full value from the investment in the collection, management and use of data to fulfil project requirements.
Spatial outputs Procedures and proformas to deliver spatial outputs which conform with national best practice.

example 4: Research Data and Information Management Manual

Where? Australia
Description Land & Water Australia and ANZLIC have produced an on-line manual for staff and research partners, which documents procedures to better manage data and information from research projects
Spatial outputs Land & Water Australia now have the ability to map project information because all projects are geolocated.
Benefits An enhanced capacity to report on projects and their findings, which benefits future researchers and the public.

example 5: Community Access to Natural Resources Information (CANRI)

Where? New South Wales
Description The Community Access to Natural Resources Information (CANRI) Program provides information products tailored for community-based local and regional environmental management in New South Wales. Technology involving over a dozen agencies serving their own data utilising web mapping technologies.
Spatial outputs An online natural resource atlas for New South Wales.