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ANZLIC Metadata Workshops

Perth, 11 February 2005
Melbourne, 16 February 2005

[hosted by ANZLIC's Spatial Data Infrastructure Standing Committee]

Venues [Perth] Meeting Room 12, Perth Convention Centre (the day after the WALIS Forum)
[Melbourne] 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Time 9:30am – 3.30pm at each venue
Cost No charge.
Catering Morning tea and lunch provided.
Booking essential as numbers are limited.


The catalyst for the workshops is the recent release of the Australian Government's recommended profile for ISO19115 (available from the OSDM web site). Other jurisdictions have, or are in the process of developing, their own profiles for the new international geospatial metadata standard (ISO 19115) and there now exists a narrow time window to (potentially) harmonise these efforts.


Topics covered at the workshop include:

  • Current ISO19115 profile development activities. Can they be aligned?
  • Is there a requirement for ANZLIC to develop a minimum profile for ISO19115 and ISO19139 based on the jurisdictional efforts to date? If so, how?
  • Development of compliant metadata tools (including user functional requirements and involvement of vendors).
  • Status of geospatial web services metadata implementation based on the Open Geospatial Consortium's OpenGIS® Catalog Services Specification 2.0 and ISO19119. The specification is available at
  • Potential requirement for the linkage of "dataset" metadata and "web services" metadata and their companion data directories (e.g. ASDD) and service catalogs, based on the experience of several existing projects and following on from the ASDD Workshop held in Canberra in May 2004 (ref:


  • Introduction and Background
    Steve Blake, ANZLIC Executive Director (10 mins)
  • What are we here to achieve and conduct of the day
    Mark Taylor, Facilitator (10 mins)
  • The Australian Government Draft Profile & process for its development
    John Busby & Mary-Ellen Feeney, Office of Spatial Data Management (15 mins)
  • The WA Draft Profile & process for its development
    David Lee-Steere, WALIS Office (15 mins)
    (a similar jurisdictional presentation will be given at the Victorian workshop)
  • Other jurisdictional efforts – opportunity for an update from any other jurisdiction (5 minutes per jurisdiction)
  • Industry initiatives in the geospatial web service Catalog arena based on the current SIDP
    Rob Atkinson & Peter Bayley, SIDP Architects (15 min)
  • Facilitated discussion based on addressing the key questions (rest of the day)
    Mark Taylor
  • Conclusions
    Steve Blake, ANZLIC (5 min)