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routing / street maps / amenities

routing example 1: WhereiS™ Online

Where? Australia

Description A specific service provider allowing input of a street address and displaying a map of the location or providing directions between two places

Spatial outputs Printable and emailable street maps, amenities and routes


routing example 2: London's transport system

Where? London, UK

Description Find a station and access timetables for trains and buses from an interactive map

Spatial outputs PDF timetables for each station, detailed maps for each station



street maps example 1: MapQuest

Where? Canada and USA

Description An equivalent service to WhereiS, but for Canada and USA

Spatial outputs Maps for cities in most countries


street maps example 2: Yahoo maps

Where? US and Canada

Description Service provides maps of streets in US and canadian cities and driving directions between cities

Spatial outputs Detailed street maps and driving directions



amenities example 1: ATM locator

Where? World

Description Finds the closest location of bank machines

Spatial outputs maps showing location of ATMs


amenities example 2: Public toilets

Where? Australia

Description Service locates public toilets all over Australia

Spatial outputs maps to suburb level showing streets and toilets


amenities example 3: Terra Pages

Where? Adelaide

Description Finder service for pubs, restaurants, fuel, schools, real estate and ATMs in Adelaide

Spatial outputs Street maps showing amenities