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marine environment

There are a number of innovative data services covering various aspects of the marine environment.

example 1: Coastal Habitat Resources Information System (CHRIS)

Where? Australia

Description The is a resource centre for Queensland coastal fish habitat, fisheries resources and environmental datasets (layers) developed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and other agencies.

Spatial outputs The integration of these layers in CHRIS facilitates monitoring of the condition and trend of coastal fisheries habitats.


example 2:

Where? USA

Description Provides mariners with planning tools and data available on the internet.

Spatial outputs User can view nautical charts online, query Coast Guard and DoD navigation databases, plot routes based on light lists and cities, print tripticks and store log information all online


example 3: Marine Turtle Interactive Mapping System

Where? Australia


Spatial outputs Lets users create maps of species occurance and migration routes


example 4: Interactive mapping and data analysis application

Where? Cornell University

Description users to map and display any parts of the data sets according to their purposes. Users can make their own maps in any region on earth and display available data sets, identify features, and download maps. In addition, they can register their own data sets and use them along with the data sets provided in the server

Spatial outputs  


example 5: Spatial Temporal Explorer

Where? Australian Antarctic

Description An on-line application designed for viewing metadata, maps and other data that contains temporal and/or spatial coverages

Spatial outputs