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emergency management

example 1: Sentinel Fire Mapping

Where? Australia

Description A mapping tool designed to provide timely fire location data to emergency service managers across Australia. The mapping system allows users to identify fire locations that pose a potential risk to communities and property

Spatial outputs Satellite imagery is used to help emergency management organisations fight bushfires and to keep citizens informed about current bushfires in their area

Benefits Up-to-date information on where active fire fronts are located

example 2: Wildland Fire Support

Where? USA

Description A similar effort has been undertaken in the United States by the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC)

Spatial outputs Users can download maps and other information about current fire affected areas throughout the United States


example 3: AusDIN

Where? Australia

Description The Australian emergency management portal, Australian Disaster Information Network (AusDIN), is aimed at providing information from State, Territory and Australian government disaster management agencies

Spatial outputs Links to agency web sites that provide maps and real-time weather charts, and other information


example 4: Community Risk in Cairns Project

Where? Cairns, Queensland

Description Natural hazards such as earthquake, flood, landslide, storm and wind are assessed for risk to the community of Cairns

Spatial outputs Maps showing areas of high and low risk


example 5: Emergency medical services

Where? New York State, USA

Description GIS is being used by upstate counties to preplan for medical emergencies from fire or natural disasters

Spatial outputs Predetermined Helicopter Landing Zones, maps of water sources for fire fighting, floor plans of a building prior to a fire for use in fire fighting tactics, emergency preplanning in the event of an evacuation in a natural disaster and having a preplan mapping all fire departments in the county including available resources


example 6: RoadBLOCK

Where? USA

Description Road management / closure software was developed in response to the Washington DC Area Sniper investigation

Spatial outputs A user enters an address or road intersection near an incident, and the software quickly maps the area. It provides the user with key information, such as locations of schools, shopping malls, parks and large facilities. Police can enter a perimeter distance around each incident and then compute the minimum number of road closures to seal the area off


example 7: FloodTrack

Where? Canada

Description Past flood analysis using imagery from RADARSAT and/or other remotely sensed data with additional information such as cities and borders, hill shading, stream, rivers, water bodies, coast lines, topography, countries, bathymetry and digital elevation models.

Spatial outputs