ANZLIC Metadata Profile

ANZLIC Metadata Profile

ANZLIC Metadata Profile

The ANZLIC Metadata Profile adopts established Australian / New Zealand and International Standards. Widespread adoption of the Profile will facilitate interoperability within and between agencies and jurisdictions, both within the region and internationally, by providing a consistent basis for communicating information about resources.

This document provides the technical definition of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile. It is intended to provide technical experts with detailed information for software development and other technical purposes.

Download the ANZLIC Metadata Profile (version 1.1, August 2007) [PDF 326KB]


ANZLIC Metadata Profile Guidelines

The ANZLIC Metadata Profile Guidelines - a companion document to the ANZLIC Metadata Profile suitable for a more general audience - provides a more comprehensive guide to the Profile and how to implement it.

To assist custodians to meet their organisational and jurisdictional obligations, the Guidelines also include information about how to upgrade existing metadata records to the ANZLIC Metadata Profile, and the Profile’s relationship with the AGLS* (AS 5044, AGLS Metadata element set) and the New Zealand Government Locator Service (NZGLS).

* AGLS: formerly known as the Australian Government Locator Service.

Download the ANZLIC Metadata Profile Guidelines (version 1.2 July 2011) [PDF 4MB]

Download the Mapping between the ANZLIC Metadata Profile and the AGLS Metadata Standard (Annex B from the Guidelines), 2010


The ANZLIC Spatial Resources Discovery and Access Toolkit (ANZMet Toolkit) was developed in 2008-09 to support the implementation of the ANZLIC Metadata Profile as part of ANZLIC's role to "facilitate easy and cost effective access to ... spatial data and services". The ANZMet Toolkit was developed by the Office of Spatial Data Management on behalf of ANZLIC's Spatial Resources Discovery and Access Program Steering Committee.

The toolkit also includes the ANZMet Lite metadata collection tool. This is a basic, standalone application that supports the creation of an ANZLIC-compliant metadata record. The application is designed to self-install once the file has been unzipped and selected.

Click to visit the ANZLIC Spatial Resource Discovery and Access Toolkit 2009

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