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Strategy & Policy Group

Terms of Reference

The Strategy and Policy Group (the Group) identifies emerging issues relevant to the spatial information industry and recommends to Council actions that can be taken by ANZLIC to address these issues.


The membership of the Group comprises the Chair of ANZLIC Council, the Chairs of the ANZLIC Standing Committees and the Executive Director.


The Group addresses issues as they emerge. Recent recommendations by the Group to Council have included:

The need for ANZLIC to take a leadership role in land administration reform issues.
The need to actively support natural resource management programs in developing model project data access and management agreements and best practice guidelines.
The importance of developing partnership arrangements with the National Land and Water Resources Audit and other related coordinating bodies and to implement the role of ANZLIC reporting on adoption of national natural resource information frameworks.
The development of promotional materials advocating the benefits of using spatial information and the role of ANZLIC.
The need to raise the profile of the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) with senior decision makers.
The priority to be assigned to developing links with emergency management bodies and support use of spatial information by the emergency management community.